Dive into a whirlwind of flavor with our latest 3D video creation. Crafted exclusively for an energy drink powerhouse, Switch, this visual journey takes you through eight flavors from the brand. Each flavor comes to life in its own unique semi-abstract world, inviting you to savor the energy in every drop.

Creating this 3D video was a tech-powered adventure! I used Cinema 4D for crafting the scenes. Then, Redshift added the magic with stunning colors and lighting. Finally, in After Effects, I added the finishing touches – smoothing transitions and re-timing to the soundtrack. It's like mixing art and tech for a flavor-packed visual treat!
Flavor 01: Bubblegum Orange.

In this scene, I aimed to highlight the essence of bubblegum in the flavor. The use of lighting creates a captivating translucence in the 'bubbles,' giving them a delightful, hollow appearance rather than resembling solid oranges.
Flavor 02: Dry Lemon.

This scene was designed to unveil a unique 'lemon-like' texture hidden within the can. Circular patterns of citrus leaves encircle the can, mirroring the fluid motion from the previous scene, adding a touch of zest to the visual experience.
Flavor 03: Holiday.

Channeling the cozy spirit of the holidays, I sought to match the crochet/knitted pattern on the can with the background. While creating a tactile backdrop for the can, it presented an enjoyable technical challenge to solve, infusing the scene with a festive charm.
Flavor 04: Turkish Delight.

This scene focuses on an exciting avalanche of swirling Turkish delight around the can. The key here was to convey the individual pieces of Turkish delight, ensuring they stand out distinctively, rather than blending into a single, molten pool.
Flavor 05: Marshmallow.

This scene explores the plush, 'cushion-like' sensation of a marshmallow. The objective was to evoke the comforting feeling of a marshmallow, capturing its essence without being overly literal.
Flavor 06: Sour Worms.

This scene delves into the delightful gooey and stretchy nature of sour worms. It was crucial to replicate the crystalline appearance of sugar on the worms, making the visual experience mouthwateringly appealing.
Flavor 07: Element.

Cool and invigorating, this flavor possesses the power to awaken the elements, infusing them with life and vitality.
Flavor 08: Springboks.

For this flavor, the vision was to let the lush, grassy surroundings come to life and gracefully enwrap the can, creating a harmonious and refreshing connection.
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