Creating packaging design and CGI product renders for Holy Water Wines, this project draws inspiration from the ambiance and aesthetics of a traditional South African wine cellar. These cellars, characterized by their dark, cold atmospheres, are rich in historical artifacts and traditional elements.
In the world of wine branding, traditions and histories are proudly displayed on labels as a symbol of honor. This practice, spanning centuries, aims to convey a sense of heritage to customers. In approaching this branding endeavor, I aimed to encapsulate this rich tradition in both the visual appearance and overall feel of the branding elements.
While many contemporary wines opt for screw tops for convenience, this project emphasizes the brand's use of corks as a steadfast symbol of tradition. Corks, deeply intertwined with the wine industry, serve as a potent visual tool to reinforce the brand's commitment to tradition and authenticity.
2023 / Cape Town

Client: Holy Water Wines
Design & Animation: Studio Forty Four

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