Take a peek at my latest project, where I had a blast working on a short video and a bunch of static posts for the new BMW 4-Series Coupé. I did everything from creating animations, designing, lighting, handling materials, adding cool sounds, to wrapping it all up with post-production. It was a one-person show, and I'm pretty happy about how it turned out!
For this project, I drew inspiration from light painting photography to shape the aesthetic. I was captivated by the mesmerizing play of light and shadow in those artistic shots, and I wanted to infuse that same sense of intrigue into the BMW 4-Series Coupé visuals. It was all about capturing the dynamic interplay of light and darkness and giving the car a captivating, almost otherworldly glow.
So, here's the first peek at an initial proof of concept/test render. I really wanted the star moment of the video to be when the car takes the spotlight on the stage. It looked good, but I had this feeling that it needed a bit more excitement in the lead-up.  So, I cooked up some shots that highlighted the car's familiar shapes, like the sleek headlights and the striking silhouette.

For this rough cut, I rendered it out with full materials and lighting at 720p and then de-noised and upscaled using Topaz Labs tools.
Static posts for social media:
Materials breakdown:
Lighting breakdown:
That's all for this one, thanks so much for stopping by.

If you've got a project bubbling in your mind or just want to chat about the possibilities, don't be a stranger! We're always up for a creative challenge and eager to bring your ideas to life. So, reach out and let's get the ball rolling on your next exciting project. Your message or call is all it takes to kickstart the magic.

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