Drunk Monkey, our novel gin brand, embraces the rich heritage of gin craftsmanship while daring to redefine tradition with its unique flair.
Viewed through a historical prism, the brand boldly challenges the status quo, inscribing new traditions in the annals of gin history.
In my artistic approach, I aimed to showcase the bottle in authentic and historic settings. Whether through placement or a subtle glow, I made sure the bottle stood out, always appearing stronger than its surroundings. I built every composition around the bottle, rather than building a composition and placing the bottle within it.
Below are a couple social media concepts that could be used for instagram stories. The convey the main essence of the brand while still focusing on the main element: The bottle. The greyscale setting and text also helps to create some contrast with the blue glow of the bottle.
2023 / Cape Town
Client: Drunk Monkey Gin
Design & Animation: Studio Forty Four

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